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Tips to help kids with ASD have a happy and safe Halloween

Repost: from CHOC See full article here

1. Have a Halloween dress rehearsal

If your child wants to celebrate Halloween by trick-or-treating or going to Halloween events, consider preparing early. Explain what your child can expect, such as:

  • They may wear a Halloween costume that feels different from their normal clothes. The texture of the costume may feel uncomfortable, or the costume may feel too loose or too tight. Have your child try on their costume early so you can adjust if needed.

  • Decorations around the neighborhood or at events may be spooky. Remind your child that they are just for fun and not real. Use these tips from CHOC to help calm your child’s nerves about Halloween.

  • Trick-or-treating is not something that is part of your usual routine, and it can be overwhelming for kids with ASD. Try walking your trick-or-treating route ahead of time while explaining to your child about going up to the door and getting treats. Consider avoiding any homes with especially scary decorations.

  • Repost: from CHOC See full article here

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